Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines

Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines Online Casino on Real Money in Canada

It’s time to get to know one of the most important software providers in the iGaming industry. This famous company has a long history, with its origins jumping from Canada to the U.S. and back to Canada. But that has only helped the provider establish itself as a crucial element of casino and video games around the world.

With its focus on the Canadian market, it’s also only logical to dive deep into the history, features, games, bonuses, and important elements like pros and cons that made Bally Wulff what it is today. We’ll tell you what slot machines Bally Wulff currently makes and what features the company offers.

And don’t miss the top 10 slot machines by Bally Wulff, which we will talk about in detail. These are the 10:

Ramses Book
Magic Book
Old Fisherman
The Land of Heroes
40 Thieves
Phantoms Mirror
Sticky Diamonds
Mighty 40
Mystic Force

These ten legendary slot machines now belong without retword not only to the Canadian, but also to the European iGaming culture, as one of the best on the market. But it would be pointless if we only talked about the games or bonuses without mentioning the mobile experience with Bally Wulff and also licenses, player protection, payout percentages and volatility. On this page you will also find all the online casinos that offer games by Bally Wulff.

So, get ready to really learn everything you need to know about our favorite Canadian software provider called Bally Wulff!

The Best Casinos with Bally Wulff

Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines
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Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines
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Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines
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Bally Wulff casinos and slot machines
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About Bally Wulff

Bally Wulff has a long history. The company was founded in 1950 when it all started with a small entrepreneur who only made small electronic devices. Later, in the early 70s, the company of this Canadian entrepreneur was bought by an American company called Bally Manufacturing Company. This is how the now well-known provider of casino games Bally Wulff was born.

But that’s not all, as the company returned to Canada over a decade ago when it became part of the SCHMIDT Group. And since then, in a very short time, the company has opened twelve offices across Canada, employing nearly three hundred people.

And with the first production of laser games for SEGA, the company has already celebrated great success in the past. In addition, the company regularly collaborates with the Spanish company UNIDESA and together they have managed to introduce the concept of the multiplayer system called “Common Game”.

Apart from developing new gaming systems and being responsible for legendary slot machines in the gambling industry, Bally Wulff has also further expanded his legacy by collaborating with many other companies, creating an important niche for himself in the Italian gambling market.

Casino Software by Bally Wulff

Unlike new online software providers, Bally Wulff has a long history, with some really significant developments. These were only possible through the rich experience and also through the cooperation with many great brands.

Perhaps the most unique feature was the development of the three different game modes. These have been introduced in the Energy Line slot machines, which are able to achieve different payouts depending on the difficulty with which to play. But that’s not all, because there are countless interesting things from Bally Wulff.

Another great example is the software solution that includes the aforementioned multiplayer system, the so-called “Common Game”. This system, which Bally Wulff launched with the help of UNIDESA, connects several machines to a single monitor.

In the field of gambling, Bally Wulff has developed some of the most unique and famous games in Europe. These are filled with massive jackpots, free spins and of course very competitive RTP’s.

When we talk about slots and slots for mobile devices, the Canadian company knew exactly how to incorporate HTML5 technology and also Flash. This allows players to play Wulff online wherever they want and also on all kinds of devices. Without having to worry about operating systems or screen sizes.

Casino games by Bally Wulff on your mobile

The world of casino games is changing drastically towards a new environment. What used to be games played exclusively in land-based casinos began to appear in online casinos for PC, and then suddenly, games began to cross to mobile devices. This new departure of casino games meant that now in 2021, most casino games will actually be played on smartphones and tablets. But that’s not all.

Casino games such as slots and even live dealer games have been so carefully and so well reworked that they offer casino players a whole new experience that has never been seen before. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the bus, in the taxi or next to the pool, because the real casino games are now available on your small screen. And which are the most played games? Well, they are slot machines, of course.

Bally Wulff, along with other premium software providers, has ensured that the best slot machines are available on the go. Thanks to Flash and HTML5, these games are now fully equipped for the ultimate gaming experience on mobile devices. Some mobile online casinos even offer exclusive casino bonuses for players who prefer to play from their mobile phone.

And with such a high reputation, Bally Wulff has done his best to stay at the top of the casino list and give his players exactly what they expect.

Payout ratio of Bally Wulff slot machines

You can imagine how many slot players actually focus solely on the payout percentage. This number makes a big difference in any game and will always remain as one of the main features for players around the world. However, although many software providers boast of having games with outstanding RTPs, Bally Wulff is without a doubt one of the strongest candidates when it comes to payout percentages.

Of course, the manufacturer offers a wide range of games with different elements, features, bonuses and payout percentages. This means that there are some games that really achieve the highest possible RTP in the iGaming industry. These RTPs can reach a staggering height of 99%, which, if you think about it, could even be absurd to the provider and the online casino itself. However, Bally Wulff is doing his best to truly provide his players with the most unique experience that others simply can’t provide.

Volatility of Bally Wulff slot machines

Another very important element in slot machines is their volatility. Of course, this means what risk you have to take to achieve a desired payout. Fortunately, due to Bally Wulff’s many years of experience, volatility is not an unknown term that is easily ignored.

Although many players actually don’t think as much about volatility as they do about payout percentages or bonuses, volatility can completely change the outcome and gaming experience of a slot machine.

Bally Wulff has ensured that their games reach the full spectrum of volatility, depending on the rest of the features of the slot. This means that you can find many games with a low volatility that pay out a lot of small winnings, and of course the opposite of that.

Player Protection and Licenses from Bally Wulff

Since playing casino games can be quite risky, Bally Wulff’s top priority is to protect players. The provider has ensured that both its employees and its customers are always protected and handle the various games responsibly.

For this reason, Bally Wulff is a member of the Verband der canadian Automatenindustrie e. V., the AWI and the canadian Automatenwirtschaft e.V.. These three are dedicated exclusively to Spelerschutz and legal online betting.

And that’s not just three gambling authorities, they’re actually one of the most important additions to a safe and trustworthy gambling experience in Canada. In addition, Bally Wulff always makes sure that their games are in reputable and honest online casinos that have proven their reputation through various gambling licenses.

This has led to Bally Wulff not only improving the actual gaming experience, but also taking care to protect players from pathological behavior. And this effort has been evident over half a century, showing that the company is an integral part of modern responsible gambling.

The best games by Bally Wulff

Bally Wulff slot machines in online casinos

By now you probably already know that Bally Wulff was founded not only because of the high demand for casino games on the Internet. This company comes from a long tradition in which hundreds of different minds and artists have worked hard to give game fans exactly what they were looking for.

And while this all started with real-world games, the company now has a strong and powerful portfolio of outstanding video slots that can compete with many of the biggest software companies out there. And although their current catalog is shorter than other providers, their games are known for being versatile, action-packed, and dynamic.

That’s why a lot of great online casinos have given Bally Wulff exactly the attention they deserve. This is not only limited to a Canadian Bally Wulff online casino, but also to platforms that are available throughout Europe. And of course, as we mentioned earlier, there are many good reasons why online casinos are so interested in working with this software provider. Some of the main reasons, of course, are the mobile accessibility of their games, as well as the payout percentages and the different gameplays that each stand out on its own.

Besides, players looking for the ultimate video slot experience can rest assured as their games have been molded to perfection for all types of video slot lovers. If you want to play slots with real money, visit this page.

Top 10 Slot Machines by Bally Wulff

We’re now at the point where we’re talking about the actually 10 best games Bally Wulff has to offer. These slots stand out for many reasons, but we’ve picked the ones that not only offer the best gaming experiences, but also some really excellent RTPs.

These Bally Wulff games can be found at many online casinos in our country and are ready to be played wherever you feel like it. You will therefore immediately notice that these games are to become a part of your favorite slots in 2021.

So, without further having any further having to do, here are the top 10 slot games from Bally Wulff:


The Balthazar slot machine fascinates players with its exotic title and takes place in a jungle and ancient Aztec ruins. Not only that, but Balthazar is equipped with 5 reels and 10 paylines. In the game itself, an adventurer appears in search of treasures and jewels.

All this can lead you to a random mystery mode and a lot of Bally Wulff free spins in which you will come across expanding symbols. Also, be prepared for winnings as soon as the eyes of a mask light up!

If you embark on the adventure, whether on your desktop or smartphone, then get ready to win up to 200 times your deposit!

Ramses Book

Another exotic title is the famous Ramses Book slot machine by Bally Wulff, with ancient Egypt as the perfect setting for the many experiences. The game is characterized by two very important features, namely the gambling feature and the free spins.

Ramses Book is loaded with 5 reels and 5 paylines in which you have to get your hands on an ancient manuscript, which is your key to unlocking the hidden treasures.

Apart from being able to win up to 20 free spins, the game also gives you the opportunity to experience the expanding wild feature. You can play with only €0.05 and up to €10.

Magic Book

Another game that will enchant you to unknown lands is Magic Book. This game is the perfect blend of magic and an oriental environment. So get ready for some magical wins!

Since Magic Book is set in an ancient metropolis, the 5 reels and 5 paylines are as interesting as possible. And apart from the fact that there are nine different basic symbols, the game offers up to 1. 000 times your stake.

However, the most interesting symbol is the book itself, which really plays a prominent role in Magic Book. It’s a special feature that appears on the reels and rewards you with cash as soon as you land three of them on any reel!

Old Fisherman

Are you looking for a nostalgic, classic slot machine experience? Then Old Fisherman could be the perfect solution for you. The story is based on Hemingway’s tales, in which a man faces the mighty ocean. This slot machine by Bally Wulff comes with fascinating graphics, 5 reels and a whopping 20 paylines.

But the search only begins with the symbols. The fisherman himself serves as a wild and the scatter rewards you with a free spin. So if you’re up to the task, Old Fisherman will regularly reward you not only with great payouts, but also with wild experiences!

The Land Of Heroes

Let’s escape our normal world and jump into a beautiful universe filled with great cash prizes. This universe is called The Land of Heroes and is perhaps one of Bally Wulff’s games with the best graphics and backstories.

Visit ancient Scandinavia and encounter the wild Vikings with 5 reels and up to 20 paylines. The game also offers a very generous paytable, with symbols that are fully available to you.

You have classic map symbols and Vikings in your luggage. If you are able to land five virgins, then you can grab up to 750 times your deposit!

40 Thieves

Do you want to lose yourself in an action-packed story? Do you know Ali Baba and the forty thieves? Then look forward to very good gameplay filled with some delicious payouts.

The classic gameplay shows you the way to the 5 spinning reels with four symbols each, on which you get your hands on 40 fixed paylines. Land winning combinations on these symbols and open your arms to receive some Wulff Online real money prizes.

The game also offers two different groups of symbols where you have your card symbols and then you have the thief, the lamp, the dagger and the horse to make your session as wild as possible.

Phantoms Mirror

Let’s dive into a world full of art and mystery! Phantom’s Mirror is set in the 20th century, right in the middle of the famous story of the Phantom of the Opera. This magical fairy tale not only tells the story of the haunted balconies of Paris, but the game also hides some very fascinating winnings.

If you’re into 5 reels and up to 20 paylines, then this is your ideal environment. But the game not only offers symbols, but also holds some generous cash prizes, with the possibility of winning up to 2,500 of your deposit.

Sticky Diamonds

With all the nostalgia that has reigned lately, it’s the right time to play a classic yet exciting slot machine like Sticky Diamonds. This eye-catching old-school slot has everything a retro casino player could want.

Sticky Diamonds not only has 5 reels and 10 paylines, but also offers an incredible mystery feature. This not only triggers free spins, but also sticks the diamond wild symbol on the reels, which makes for some outstanding wins! The RTP of Sticky Diamonds is 96.08%.

Mighty 40

Are you looking for some additional features to use in your slot machine adventure? Then you should definitely try Mighty 40 as soon as you have the opportunity. Because this game by Wally Bulff comes not only with scatters, but also with a gamble feature and free spins. But that’s not all, because you also have the chance to trigger a non-progressive jackpot of €20,000!

This outstanding game comes with 5 reels and 40 fixed paylines, with lots of wilds, scatters, free spins and the gamble feature. In addition, with an RTP of 96.03%, there is always a lot going on!

Mystic Force

If you are looking for fantasy games and easy-to-learn gameplay, Mystic Force is just the thing for you. This game offers not only lush HD graphics, but also an animation that is unparalleled in the entire casino industry.

With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Mystic Fore is able to distribute some unique payouts. The bonus features hide in the forest, with wilds and scatters waiting to be landed. The game has 12 outstanding bonuses that give it a unique value in 2021.

Bonuses at Bally Wulff casinos

As you may have already noticed, online slots are packed with casino bonuses that accompany them to make the experience all the more exciting. Most of these casinos focus on welcome bonuses and free spins to get new players excited about their slot machine catalog. Since slots and slots are the most played casino games and win a huge online community, many free spins you see on the internet will only be available for certain games.

For this reason, many online casinos, especially in Canada, have offered their best bonuses for Bally Wulff’s slot machines. But even if they are available for your favorite games, you always have to be very careful, both with the bonus terms and the wagering requirements. Because online casinos must always ensure that both players and Bally Wulff Casino are protected from fraud. That’s why many of them charge quite high wagering requirements, which can make it difficult to cash out the slot machine bonus.

If you are unsure whether a bonus is really as good as it looks, we recommend that you check the bonus terms and conditions carefully and also contact customer service. This will not only help you understand the bonus terms and conditions, but will also let you know if the bonus is actually available on Bally Wulff slots.

And if you are interested in discovering different games of Bally Wulff, there is always the possibility to play them for free in the demo versions of the online casinos without registration. This is a perfect chance for you to find out if the wagering requirements can be met if you get one for that particular game. And most importantly, free slots can also show you if the features, payouts and bonuses are really the ones you’re looking for.

Advantages of Bally Wulff

Anyone who has ever played the games of Bally Wulff Online knows what great advantages the software provider has to offer. Here are some of the most important ones that are clearly making themselves felt in the iGaming industry:

Canadian Companies – Looking at Bally Wulff’s career, it’s great to know that the company will stay in Canada.
Alternatives – If you are looking for the best Book of Ra alternatives, then this is exactly the provider you are looking for.
Payouts and Odds of Winning – For players who like to be cautious, it’s important to know that Bally Wulff offers stable payout rates and odds of winning.
Variety – Although the game catalog is not the largest on the Internet, they offer many different Bally Wulff slot machines.
Quality – Every single one of the Bally Wulff games has excellent graphics.
RTP – Many payout percentages are above 97%, which is really not so common in the online industry.
Experience – Who can beat them with over 60 years of existence in experience?

Disadvantages of Bally Wulff

Although things look pretty sunny on bally Wulff Online’s site, there are some drawbacks that can’t be ignored. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Live Casino – Although there is a huge boom in live casino games, Bully Wulff has still not developed its own range of games for this market.
Limited – We’ve said many times now that Bally Wulff is not the software provider with the most games out there and yet offers a good number of different games. However, this amount is actually small, which can be counterproductive.
Table Games – Even though the provider focuses exclusively on slot machines, we would like to see some table games by Bally Wulff.
Few casinos – Sure, many good online casinos offer Bally Wulff’s games. But compared to the largest software vendors out there, there aren’t nearly as many.


In 2021, Bally Wulff Online is actually one of the most important names in the iGaming industry and they have proven their reputation and experience by adding amazing features to gaming companies like SEGA.

Nowadays, Bally Wulff is represented in the best and safest online casinos, with several online slot machines played daily by thousands of fans. And it is thanks to their hallmarks such as very high payout percentages, volatility and of course bonuses that perfectly match the exact gaming experience that online casino fans demand.

And besides, anyone can be the next lucky guy in an online casino, because fantastic prizes beckon. A player from Hamburg has hit the lottery jackpot of almost 4 million euros, which is just one of millions of breathtaking stories in the field of online gambling. That’s why we’re always happy when we find Bally Wulff games in online casinos, not only because most Wulff games are free and playable on mobile devices, but also because they guarantee a fantastic gaming environment.


? Which Bally Wulff slots are the best?

There are several very well-known and groundbreaking casino games and slots from Bally Wulff Online. However, the most famous ones stand out from the rest due to their amazing features and payouts. These are Mystic Force, Mighty 40, Sticky Diamonds, Phantoms Mirror, 40 Thieves, The Land of Heroes, Old Fisherman, Magic Book, Ramses Book and of course Balthazar.

? What is the payout percentage of Bally Wulff’s slot machines?

Not only can Bally Wulff keep up with the rest of the online casino providers, but he even has one of the best payout percentages. These can go from standard 95% or 96% RTP’s to some of the highest in the industry, reaching up to 99% RTP. This is one of the reasons why Bally Wulff is now considered a heavyweight in the slot industry.

? Can I play Bally Wulff slots for free?

One of the standard additions to online and mobile casinos in recent years has been demo versions of the best slots to give players the opportunity to try out the games without having to risk anything. Of course, the Bally Wulff slots are part of this addition, so you can enjoy the best games for free without registration.

? Is there a bonus for Bally Wulff slot machines in online casinos?

Many online casinos in 2021 have started to offer special casino bonuses for slot machine fans. These are, of course, only available on slot machines, with many of them provided by Bally Wulff. However, we always recommend that you first check with the customer service of the chosen online casino what bonuses are offered for slot machines from Bally Wulff online casinos.