EcoPayz casinos at a glance

EcoPayz casinos at a glance Online Casino on Real Money in Canada

EcoPayz is a British online payment system, one of the oldest, most widespread and recognizable in the world, and Canada is no exception. It was founded in London in 2000 and today works with most marketplaces, exchanges and gaming platforms in over 150 countries, which is why 45 currencies are accepted. Simply receiving a fee or paying for goods and services is also possible with the help of EcoPayz. As for the best online casinos in Canada, not all of them work with this system, perhaps because it does not require bank account details at the first level, while a casino can ask for this info. But if the game library you choose supports EcoPayz, it is worth considering this variant, because it has several advantages.

But there are also disadvantages, so if you need more detail, you should read to the end. From this article you will learn how the system works, why EcoPayz casinos can be selected or not to be selected, how secure all this is and what alternatives exist. The answers to the questions that users ask most often can also be found there – it is enough to scroll down. Read, weight and decide on the payment method that you consider the most convenient and the safest.

Best EcoPayz Casinos 2021

How does EcoPayz work?

One of the specialties of this system is its diversity. Namely, you can have several wallets at the same time that use different currencies. What’s more, you can order a card to always be able to pay, even if EcoPayz is not accepted as a wallet. After you create an account, it is accessible from any device, and its possibilities expand as you increase its status. For smartphones and tablets, EcoPayz offers an app that is regularly renovated so that its design and function meet the requirements of modern users.

EcoPayz casinos are particularly convenient because they eliminate conversion by using multiple currencies. That is, you can, e.B., pay directly in dollars without having euros converted before. The most important thing is to have the required amount in the account. But make sure that this system works with the casino and is there in your country in case you can’t find yourself in Canada. Also, be prepared to send scans of documents and then wait until they are verified, which can take quite a long time. Documents you may also need to increase your account status, which is essential if you plan to use EcoPayz regularly.

EcoPayz in online casinos: advantages and disadvantages

The main reasons why it is worth using this system as a payment method at virtual casinos are the following:

The money you want to deposit does not need to be converted, because EcoPayz accepts a large number of currencies. This will save you the amount you would otherwise lose by converting.
EcoPayz casinos do not ask for bank account details, which is important to those who are not willing to exchange this information.
Anonymity is also ensured by not showing your personal data at the casino. When you make deposits or withdrawals, you only see the number of your exchange.
Money transfer is fast because, if the casino works with EcoPayz, there are no limits or additional demands.

As for negative points, one should mention of such:

The number of game libraries that support EcoPayz is relatively small. In view of the fact that new casinos with bonuses must be licensed in Canada, the chance of a suitable variant is even lower. Active users can try the card, which is called EcoPayz-MasterCard and makes it possible to pay not only in EcoPayz casinos.
Basic accounts have minimal function: their holders cannot even transfer money to their bank accounts. You only get more options if you increase your account status.

EcoPayz payments in online casinos

If you have chosen this payment system, note that in order to use it as productively as possible, you will need at least one silver account. Withdrawals, e.B., may not be made by basic users whose accounts are called Classic. To do this, you have to have your account verified, then your status is raised to a new level. This allows you to achieve more functions, including not only payouts, but also transfers between accounts, unlimited transactions and the like. To make Bets on EcoPayz Casinos from time to time, a basic account is enough. The description of how to do this can be found below.


Check if there is the amount you want to deposit in your account. If not, then use one of the following variants: card, bank deposits or international bank transfer. Usually, the exchange is replenished immediately. If something is wrong, contact Technical Support. An explanation of deposit methods is also available in the corresponding section of your account.
On the page of the selected casino, you will find EcoPayz in the list of payment methods. Pay attention to whether the maximum amount of a deposit is limited, and if so, how much you are allowed to transfer at once.
After selecting the method, enter the deposit amount, which must be in the currency of your account. All payment systems have this nuance: if the account, e.B., is in euros, but the casino uses dollars, you will have to pay in euros, which will be converted afterwards. As a result, they lose part of the amount. At EcoPayz casinos you have a chance to avoid such problems, because in this system you can have several exchanges that are parts of the main account.
Click on “Deposit”, after which you will be re-addressed to the page of the payment system. Then you should log in and confirm the transfer. The money will be entered into your account immediately.


As already mentioned, EcoPayz login does not require bank account data, which makes this system particularly secure under the aspect of anonymity. But this only works when it comes to deposits. To enable withdrawals, you have to have your bank account verified, because there should be the address to which the money is transferred. For this purpose, a user should send scans of documents, the list of which can be found on the page of the payment system. The increase usually takes around 2 working days, after which the account becomes Classic Silver, which means that you can now withdraw money from it. This is very easy:

Click on the “Withdraw” section of your account.
Select the required bank account.
Enter the amount.
Wait. A negative point is the duration of the procedure, which can be up to 8 working days.

If you don’t have any withdrawal options, check out this page to find alternative options. In case you want to withdraw money from your casino account, keep in mind that although most do not, important parameters such as maximum amount can be unequal.

Fees at EcoPayz Casinos

One of the great advantages of EcoPayz is the freedom from fees. Getting a transfer is always free, and doing it from gold level. The sellers who work with EcoPayz can also be paid without fees. However, this does not affect casinos, because in this case everything depends on their policies, not on the specialties of the payment system. Some game libraries charge commissions on what players should pay attention to when depositing deposits. Usually, these amount to 1.5–4.9% of the amount of the deposit or withdrawal.

EcoPayz in Online Casinos: Privacy Policy

First of all, it is important to understand that an electronic wallet is not a bank and therefore cannot dispose of funds itself. EcoPayz may not use your money as a deposit, e.B., the others

Grant loans to users. It is kept separate, which makes it unreachable for third parties, and even the servers where personal data is stored can be found in a special space. Even if the system ceases to exist, the users get their money back. So be sure that the amount in your account is out of danger.

EcoPayz casinos, sellers and other companies that work with this exchange also take care of protecting your finances. All transactions are automatically encrypted so that no personal data is publicly accessible. When you deposit at a casino, no personal information such as name is shown. For registration, both in the payment system and in most casinos, you need a scan of ID card to ensure that your identity is genuine, and wait a few days until the document is verified. Often you should also send a selfie, which is even more security.

However, it is important to adhere to security measures, because no electronic protection, even the best, can be one hundred percent. These are the following:

Do not give your password to anyone. This is confidential information that EcoPayz employees never ask for. Anyone trying to know them is most likely to be a scammer who wants to reach your money. In addition, the password itself should be secure as possible, consisting of at least 8 letters, numbers and symbols.
Check the addresses of the pages where you enter personal data. Note that EcoPayz casinos re-address you to the payment system page when you deposit deposits, and this is the only web resource you need your account details on.
Always log out if you are using third-party devices. Closing the browser is not enough, because your login and password remain visible anyway.

EcoPayz in mobile online casinos

It doesn’t matter if you visit a casino using a computer or a mobile device. In the second case, there are two variants: to start games directly in the browser or to download the app. The latter now have the most online platforms, so their users can play on the go with maximum comfort. The ones that work with EcoPayz leave deposits and withdrawals without any problems if the status of the player’s account is sufficient. The existence and size of the fee depend on the policy of the specific casino. Keep in mind that the navigation on the website and in the app can be unequal, so it may not be so easy to find the list of payment methods and the button you need. After you have done this and entered the amount, confirm the transfer, which should then happen immediately.

EcoPayz Casino Bonus

For players who make deposits using this payment system, EcoPayz casinos offer various bonuses. Usually, these welcome bonuses, which can amount to up to 100% of the amount of the first deposit, or an online casino deposit bonus. Sometimes there are even more, namely 200-300% or 3-4 deposits, depending on the policy of the casino and how much and how often you deposit. In addition to money, you often get free spins and bonus games, some of which can be particularly lucrative. On some platforms, free spins, usually 20-30, are achievable even without deposits, signing up is enough. Note that if you play for bonus money, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings immediately. You have to set it down, which means keep betting until the casino allows withdrawals. More details about bonuses can be found on the page of the selected game library, because concrete amounts and other nuances can be very unequal.

Alternatives to EcoPayz

Although this electronic exchange is quite convenient, not all platforms work with it, and EcoPayz casinos actually don’t have that much. What’s more, the function of EcoPayz can be very unequal in different countries, e.B. In addition, some are demotivated by the large number of documents that you have to collect to create an account and achieve all the benefits. That’s why online casino players should also know the possible alternatives, some of which are below.

Skrill. Most online casinos work with this payment system, initially those whose gaming offer is the furthest and which consequently have a lot of users worldwide. Fast registration, 40 currencies, different deposit methods, VIP options for long-term customers – it’s worth it,

to try.

Neteller. Thanks to the latest anti-fraud technologies, this exchange is one of the most trusted in the world. Neteller casinos, like EcoPayz Casinos, offer great bonuses to appease existing customers and teach new ones.
Bank cards. This payment method is perhaps the most popular because it does not require an extra registration and is known to many people. Simply find the card and library that support each other and deposit deposits easily.
Bank transfers. Not as difficult as it may seem: the main thing is to connect your bank account to your casino account to make deposits and withdrawals instantly. The negative point is slowness, which is why it can also be worth trying real-time transfers.


EcoPayz is one of the fastest, most convenient and secure electronic payment systems in the world that some online casinos use. It supports 45 currencies, which gives users the option to omit conversion. In addition, EcoPayz casinos offer great bonuses that increase chances of winning: how about a jackpot of 18 million?

The personal information of EcoPayz customers is protected by means of encryption, so that no third parties can reach them, and stored separately from the rest of the data. In addition, the use of EcoPayz account can require a lot of documents, which allows extra protection, but can also demotivate. Another negative point is that not all online casinos support this system. But if everything is fine, active users who have increased the status of their accounts can make deposits and withdrawals without any problems. The first ones usually happen quickly, while the last ones have to wait a few days. More details can be found on the website of the selected casino.


1️ ⃣ Do I need to set up an EcoPayz account?

Yes, you must log in. After that, they get a basic account, which is also called Classic and whose function is very limited. Those who increase the status get more options, such as.B withdrawals and free transfers.

2️ ⃣ What alternative to EcoPayz is available in online casinos?

Because EcoPayz casinos are not so numerous, the players also use other payment methods. The most popular in Canada are electronic wallets such as Skrill or Paysafecard and credit cards. On this page you will find a large list of casinos that support them and helpful information about them.

3️ ⃣ Do the fees apply when paying with EcoPayz in online casinos?

Internal transfers are free to get from the beginning and to make from Golden level. Casinos can still charge a fee for deposits and withdrawals, which you should check meticulously. The size of the fee depends on the casino, but usually amounts to 1.5 – 4.9% of the amount of the transfer.

4️ ⃣ Are there deposit and withdrawal limits for payments with EcoPayz in casinos?

This is still a parameter that determines the policy of concrete casinos, but in whole transactions are hardly limitless. Both minimum and maximum amounts can be very unequal and can usually be found on the game library website. On the whole, you can often play in a casino with 10 euros.