Online Casino Klarna at a glance

Online Casino Klarna at a glance Online Casino on Real Money in Canada

In virtual casinos, gamblers deposit money in and out with online payment methods and one of the most famous of them is Klarna. It is a Swedish company that has gained recognition among gamblers. You can use it to top up your player account directly from the bank. This payment service differs from the others in that it allows you to buy and pay for goods on the Internet after they have already been delivered. This payment method offers many features to users and we will cover it below.

Klarna was founded in 2005 and makes internet transactions easy, secure and completely protected for users. Although the company was founded in Sweden, it pushed its boundaries through a partnership with Sofort, which is also a popular online payment service at canadian. The countries that Klarna currently serves include:

Finland, etc.

Having acquired various companies from different countries, Klarna has grown into a large financial institution. It operates in about 15 countries and is used by about 60 million people. The company has advanced and modern technologies in its arsenal to enable a high level of user security. In addition, various gambling sites accept Klarna to replenish player accounts. Below we will tell you all about using Klarna in virtual casinos. Choose Canada’s top casino and play!

Best Klarna Casinos 2021

How does Klarna work?

Klarna works similarly to other online payment services. You can deposit money directly from a bank account to the player’s account. The transactions are executed immediately. It is not necessary to wait a certain amount of time. In addition, with this payment method, the risk of theft of user data is minimal due to the use of advanced technologies. All you have to do is find an online casino that accepts Klarna as a payment option, and you can gamble for real money.

It’s easy to create a Klarna account. No bank account with Klarna is required. Instead, you only have to register online as a user for free and then pay for the online transaction with Klarna. You can then log into your account and process the payment.

This payment service differs from the other methods in that not all of its products can be used for virtual gambling. Klarna’s installment plan and billing option do not allow you to top up your player account. However, the latter option can be used for payments to your casino account and instead of Giropay or Trustly. What sets Klarna apart from the two is that it can be used by many players as it is supported in more countries than the other two. You can also make transactions with multiple currencies, namely:


Klarna in online casinos: advantages and disadvantages

Like any other online payment method, Klarna has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of this payment service is that you can split the payment into several parts. On some websites, you even have the option to pay later. This can be a huge advantage for some players, although we remind you that playing with money you can’t afford can be dangerous. Play only with the money you can afford to lose.

The main advantages of Klarna include the following features:

No fees for deposits or withdrawals – only the casino (or the merchant) can withdraw them.
Multiple layers of security.
The system is based on online banking, so the process is familiar, smooth and fast.
Payments can be made via the web platform or the app.
Many banks around the world are compatible with Klarna and Sofort.
Support for multiple languages and separate platforms for each country.
Very popular in Northern Europe – familiarity and ease of use for gamblers in these regions.
Bonuses and perks offered upon registration.

There are also some weaknesses to keep in mind. Although you can use the service to make deposits on the gambling websites, you cannot use Klarna to withdraw funds. To do this, it is necessary to select another payment service.

So, the disadvantages of Klarna Casino are as follows:

Geographical restrictions – Klarna is not available in many parts of Europe, especially in Eastern European countries.
Some gaming site do not accept it for withdrawals, but only for deposits.
Not many casinos use it, unlike more popular e-wallets or online banking alternatives. New Canadian casinos are using more popular payment methods.

Klarna payments in online casinos

When you gamble on a gambling site, you have the option to make deposits with Klarna. However, withdrawals using this method are impossible. Klarna deposits are super easy though. Depending on the game website, you may have several options when replenishing your player account. Below you will learn more about how to make payments and transfers in virtual casinos.


The best thing about making a deposit with Klarna is that you don’t have to go through a separate registration process to make a payment. All you have to do is make sure that the gambling site you are gambling on and your bank supports Klarna or SOFORT. The latter is a Canadian financial services provider working with Klarna. Therefore, in some cases, Klarna is displayed as SOFORT.

An account is not required to carry out gambling transactions on the Internet. In this way, your data remains protected from unauthorized third parties. After activating your bank account for online banking, make sure that you have a stable and fast Internet connection. Then follow the instructions below:

Navigate to the cashier section of your favorite gambling platform.

Then select Klarna (SOFORT) as the payment option.

A new window will open with Klarna’s payment system, asking you to enter your bank and country of residence.
Once you’ve found your bank, all you have to do is enter your details, which include your password, account number and PIN.
In some cases, you may need to enter a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number), which is sent via SMS or email to authorize the transaction. TAN works as an OTP (One-Time Password), which provides an additional layer of security.
After authorization, the funds will be transferred in real time from your bank account to the gaming account.


A payout with Klarna is unfortunately rather unlikely. Most casino operators do not support this service as a withdrawal method. Instead, users need to look for alternatives to be able to withdraw winnings. In fact, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of Klarna as a banking option for casino. Most gamblers who use the service for payments usually pay out their money with a regular bank transfer.

Sometimes game website lists Klarna as a withdrawal option. This is made possible by the Open Banking API of Klarna, a payment processing service for bank transfers offered by the payment system. However, you should be aware that there are fewer casinos that accept Klarna as a withdrawal option than those that support it as a deposit option. In addition, the transfer time depends on your country. The standard time for transfer is two to three business days in addition to the waiting time set by the gaming operator.

Fees at Klarna Casinos

As for fees, you will not bear them when depositing or withdrawing. The deposit amount you choose is the exact amount that will be debited from your bank account without any further taxes or fees. However, keep in mind that some casinos may charge transaction fees. Therefore, contact support to clarify this in advance.

However, there is good news regarding the payment limits allowed by Klarna. The Company does not set any maximum or minimum limits. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals, if supported. Although Klarna’s payment method does not impose any restrictions, some operators may impose these restrictions. Therefore, you should read the terms and conditions or contact support for accurate information.

Klarna Online Casinos: Privacy Policy

Klarna Payment and SOFORT do not use any of your personal or bank details, they are just an intermediary between your online bank account and the gambling site. Your confidential data will therefore not be passed on to third parties. This also distinguishes Klarna from some Internet payment methods that require all your data. Klarna works in such a way that only minimal information about the players is required.

In addition, Klarna uses the latest security protocols for its platform and mobile app and SOFORT continues to provide security to its customers thanks to the use of TAN verification codes. Codes lose their validity after use. No merchant or virtual casino can access your online banking details such as PIN or TAN as SOFORT uses a secure encrypted connection (AES 256 bit).

Both partner companies are very strict about security and if you suffer financial damage from using their systems, you will receive a refund from SOFORT.

To all of this, we can also add casino-specific layers of security – reliable and licensed Klarna casinos use an https connection. Always check this aspect when joining a gambling platform.

Klarna in mobile online casinos

If you want to play at your favorite casino from a mobile device, you may have the question of whether everything will be the same as on a computer or if something will change. The good news is that you can still use Klarna to enjoy mobile-optimized casino games from your phone or tablet.

You will find that regardless of the type of device used, all payments are the same. The only significant difference – aside from screen size – is that there are fewer game titles available on mobile game websites. However, this improves almost every month as the number of mobile casinos is constantly growing.

To make a deposit with Klarna on your mobile device, simply follow these steps:

Log in to your player account at your chosen online casino Klarna.
Go to the payment section.
Decide how much you want to spend.
Select Klarna as the payment method.
Log in to your Klarna account and enter the security code.

Klarna Casino Bonus

Gaming websites that accept Klarna as a payment method usually offer various bonuses to their customers. However, the type of bonus offer and the amount you come across will vary from provider to provider. These bonuses can include a refer-a-friend bonus, promotions, welcome bonuses as well as no deposit bonuses.

The last two bonuses are the most common and are aimed at attracting new customers to the platform. They can come in the form of free spins or a cash bonus. For the latter type, most options start at 100% or below and can be up to 500%.

You won’t find many referral bonuses, but you’ll be happy if you do. As can be guessed from the name, this type of bonus also aims to attract new players, but through existing customers. As a result, existing gamblers receive rewards as soon as a new gambler joins through his recommendation. In most cases, these bonuses have various limitations, so be sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

Alternatives to Klarna

Despite its many advantages, Klarna is still not usable in all Internet casinos. But don’t worry, there are many alternatives to this payment service. The canadians can use the classic Sofortüberweisung, which is free, processed immediately and protected by the bank’s security system. You can also use the following payment options:

Giropay. Giropay is a good alternative to Klarna, especially in regions where this revolutionary payment service is not available. While GiroPay does not offer withdrawals, GiroPay offers gamblers commission-free instant payments and excellent security through multiple protocols. Read our article to learn about how to use Giropay in a casino.
PayPal. However, if you want to choose a payment method that also accepts withdrawals and has your money ready within a few hours, PayPal is the best option. In fact, it doesn’t have much to do with Klarna, except how both companies got started. However, you get all the benefits of Klarna – instant transfers and the highest level of security – minus fee-free transactions.
Other Klarna alternatives that have similar features include credit/debit cards such as Mastercard and VISA for direct casino deposits or e-wallets. You can use Skrill or Neteller if you are looking for an option that is very similar to Klarna. You can also opt for direct internet bank transfers with the very popular Trustly or register your debit/credit card with Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Compared to most deposit methods accepted by gaming platforms, Klarna is extremely fast and easy to use. You don’t have to open an account or register – this makes depositing into your account directly from your bank account much easier and safer. Since it’s a real-time payment service, the money is instantly transferred to your gaming account, so you can start playing your favorite games in minutes.

Even though not as many gaming websites can be found that adopt Klarna as there are for other payment options, there are enough reliable and user-friendly alternatives in Canada that you can choose between and win over 2 million euros.

As a player, you should be aware that you cannot use Klarna to withdraw your money won at the casino. This is the main disadvantage of the service. However, the fast payments and flexibility that characterize this payment option make it a good payment method, although there aren’t many Klarna casinos out there.


1️ ⃣ Do I need to set up a Klarna account?

No, it is not required. You do not need to create an account with Klarna or a third party and share your personal information to gamble at a Klarna casino.

2️ ⃣ What alternative to Klarna is available in online casinos?

Neteller, Trustly, Paysafecard, debit and credit cards. On our site you will find many virtual casinos that offer these payment options. You will also find useful information about these payment options.

3️ ⃣ Do the fees apply when paying with Klarna in online casinos?

Virtual casinos may charge fees for payments with Klarna. If you are not sure if this is the case, contact customer service or read the payment terms.

4️ ⃣ Are there deposit and withdrawal limits for payments with Klarna?

The payment limits are set by each particular gambling site. It is best to contact customer support if you did not find this information on the page. Usually, the minimum deposit is 10 euros. In some online casinos you can get an online casino bonus with 10 Euro deposit.