Visa Casinos 2021 Review

Visa Casinos 2021 Review Online Casino on Real Money in Canada

It’s safe to say that Visa is a globally recognized brand. The American company offers debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards of the Visa brand through various banks. Not only is it easy for customers to get their hands on their own Visa cards online, but this is also the most accepted payment method in the world.

It can be used in most local and online stores, making it very convenient for customers to complete purchases within minutes. Due to their popularity and easy access, Visa is often the popular method used for online casino games. Nowadays, quite a lot of online casinos accept Visa.

On this page, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to use this banking method for deposits and withdrawals, along with the best online casinos that accept Visa. See how it compares to other popular online payment options and find answers to the most frequently asked questions before you get started. Go to the list of online casinos in Canada, make a deposit with Visa and play!

The Best Online Casinos with Visa 2021

Payments with Visa in online casinos

Visa is the most popular payment method used for online casino Visa games. Players can easily find a website that accepts payments through this banking method, and we have created a list of the best Visa casinos on this page. Deposits can be made instantly by simply entering the information on the card and the unique security code.

Deposits with Visa

Connect the card to your bank account at the online casino. You can get a Visa card from your preferred bank and connect it to your bank account. Visa offers various types of credit and casino Visa debit cards to its customers.

Visa Casinos 2021 Review

Mobile phone number. Find a top notch online casino with Visa. We can help you a lot with this step by presenting you with a list of the best online casinos that accept Visa. Simply choose your favorite with Visa Deposit and register for free.
Payment text. Select Visa for a deposit. The cashier on the website displays Visa as one of the available payment options. Select them to go to the next step.
Enjoy gambling. Enter the card details and deposit amount. The information you need can be found on the card, and you can deposit at least €10 at most online casinos without the operators charging any fees. On our website you can choose an online casino with a low deposit.
Check phone bill. Confirm the payment. For online security, Visa cardholders must enter a unique code each time they make a purchase. This is sent by text message or by e-mail.

Withdrawals with Visa

Both Visa and MasterCard are considered the safest way to make deposits at casinos. When you register at a virtual casino, you need to select the type of credit card you want and then provide the details such as credit card number and CVV code.

After that, you need to make an authorization, either by email or via a unique code from a mobile phone. Once all this is done, you can make deposits to your casino at will, which will then be offset against each payment. Visa has a nominal service fee of 2-3% for deposits and MasterCard fees of about the same amount.

Visa payments in comparison

Payment Service
Subscription Fees
Right away
12-48 pcs.
Not required
1,3% + €0,20 flat fee
Right away

Not required

<5 Min.

Right away
5-24 pcs.

<5 Min.

Not required

Right away


Right away
2-12 pcs.

Right away
5-24 pcs.

* for receiving payments ** Your withdrawal will be
processed by the online casino within a few working days

Is there a special bonus?

The vast majority, if not all, online casinos offer bonuses on your first deposit. Some even offer bonuses on later deposits or ongoing promotions designed to encourage you to take the plunge and top up your balance. The same goes for VISA transactions, and in fact, many casinos even limit their bonuses to certain payment methods, which VISA almost always belongs to.

Be sure to check the terms of each bonus first just to be sure or to follow our recommendations for the best VISA bonuses. But in general, you should have no problem triggering welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and other ongoing promotions through transactions through VISA.

Some casinos offer bonuses for using a specific payment method. Read the bonus terms and conditions very carefully, where it should be indicated for which payment methods the offer is valid. The best deposit bonus in a casino is already waiting for you!

Security for Visa payments

Visa Casinos 2021 Review

Visa is known for being ahead of its time and providing secure payment options for online transactions. All the online casinos we’ve recommended here are verified, secure and secure – they all use industry-leading encryption and security methods to ensure that all the information you send (such as credit card numbers) is secure. To be sure, look for the lock icon in your browser’s search bar.

So even if there is a charge to your card, you are not responsible for it. In addition, multiple layers of security and sophisticated fraud detection help detect and prevent fraud before it happens. In fact, visa fraud has been less than a tenth of one percent for more than a decade, even though we’re seeing an increase in data breaches.

What distinguishes Visa?

A Visa card is a payment card that uses the Visa network and is managed under the Visa brand. Originally, the company issued credit cards, but has since issued debit, prepaid, and gift cards as well. Although Visa cards bear the Visa symbol, they are not issued by the company itself.Visa is characterized by its diversity. Read more.

Availability and registration

The company is headquartered in the UK. The payment giant can also be found in other offices in Europe, such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France and other countries. Visa is a popular payment method used in 200 countries. The Visa card is accepted without any problems in most stores in Europe, Asia and in the USA, Australia and South America.

Verified by Visa usually works behind the scenes when you shop online, using advanced technology to confirm your identity. Verified by Visa helps ensure that payments are made by the rightful holder of the Visa account to make online purchases safer. The goal is to make your online transactions as secure, fast and convenient as shopping in a store.

Customer service

Like any other financial transaction made over the Internet, online gambling comes with risks, and you want to have the peace of mind that you will be adequately looked after in case of problems. Therefore, one of the main aspects we consider when reviewing an online casino is the level of customer support that is offered.

It should be noted that live chat may not be supported by certain mobile devices, but you can [email protected] contact us and should receive a response within 48 hours. The toll-free support numbers are all available on the Visa support page, with each country’s contact numbers listed throughout.

Visa Fees on Casino Transactions

Visa Casinos 2021 Review

Many other payment options incur fees for both depositing and withdrawing funds, but there are none when using VISA because using VISA is completely free. In addition, the level of security is incredibly high, which is why VISA is considered one of the safest online payment methods ever.

If you come across an online casino that charges you extra fees for Visa Casino deposits alone, you always have a plethora of alternatives. Another thing to consider is that if you’re playing on credit, you may end up paying interest. However, this has more to do with your bank and its interest rates than online casinos. Nevertheless, one should keep this in mind.

Visa is no longer accepted in online casinos

Online casinos will offer Visa or Mastercard services in the future, as unfortunately a new law has been triggered that targets the casino industry and payment providers who transfer money to and from casinos online.

Visa has instructed banks in Canada not to accept deposit and Visa casino withdrawals from online casinos. Visa’s partner banks are not allowed to process payments for illegal online casinos.

A spokesperson for a financial services giant said the company recently turned to its retail banking partners to ensure that “only legal, proper and licensed transactions” are processed with the Casino Visa credit card.

Alternatives to visas

Players from Canada can choose alternatives for all tastes at a Visa casino, including instant bank transfers, vouchers or electronic wallets (e-wallets). These payment methods include Trustly, Sofort, Giropay and Rapid Transfer as Sofortüberweisung, where the payment is debited directly from your bank account.

Debit cards are so popular with casino players to fund their online casino accounts because almost everyone with a bank account has these cards. You can use them to withdraw money from the ATMs if you need cash, you can pay with them online and the best part is that you can’t exceed the limit with a debit card. You can’t spend more than you have on it, which is not the case with credit cards.

If you want to use a coupon, you can, for example, use a Paysafecard or CashToCode, which are available in more and more casinos.

Bitcoin: Although it’s still a slightly left-wing field for many, Bitcoin’s popularity is steadily increasing, and more and more casinos are adding it to their list of payment options. There is a certain risk of currency fluctuations that you need to learn to live with, but it is certainly an interesting option to start with.

Visa vs Mastercard

“MasterCard” stands for the fact that while you can deposit freely at all casinos that accept MasterCard (by far most of them), it will be difficult to make withdrawals directly to your MasterCard.

It’s worth remembering that any debit or credit card is issued by a bank or banking solution like Suits Me and not by Visa or Mastercard itself.

Visa and Mastercard make their money by charging fees from banks and other financial institutions. You may charge fees for debit and credit card transactions, foreign exchange, or other forms of use. When you make a deposit at a casino using Mastercard or Visa, the casino will pay a fee for you. Here they can differ from each other.

Visa and Mastercard are two companies that compete for the same customers and will therefore offer banks competitive rates for their card payments. Both Visa and Mastercard offer reward systems. These are usually available on high-quality cards, such as .B gold or platinum cards.

Types of Visa cards

The advantage of Visa credit cards for gambling operations is that you can borrow money from your bank and determine the conditions for the return yourself. Types of Visa cards and their differences:

Visa Debit Cards
Visa prepaid cards
Visa Gift Cards

You can use Visa debit cards at a casino. Visa debit cards allow you to instantly make deposits at online casinos with money from your account. Visa Debit is an important brand for debit cards issued by Visa in many countries around the world. Numerous banks and financial institutions issue Visa debit cards to their customers to gain access to their bank accounts.

With Visa prepaid cards, you never spend more than the amount you previously paid. Prepaid cards are better if you don’t want your bank details to be shared with third parties. However, compared to debit cards, they offer less consumer protection in the event of theft or loss, and you can’t withdraw your winnings with them.

Visa gift cards are like prepaid cards, but they cannot be reloaded and are for single use only. However, they are more convenient in that they can be received by phone or email.

Advantages of Visa

Since the introduction of this means of payment, over one billion Visa debit and credit cards have been issued worldwide. That’s 1,000,000,000,000 people who have realized the benefits of choosing visas over other competing solutions. Of course, not everyone will use them for the purposes of online gambling, but many have seen the numerous benefits that this brings.

Availability: Visa is used all over the world for all types of financial transactions, whether they are made online or not. Consequently, at almost any debit online casino, this payment method allows players to deposit money into their account and withdraw from their account.

Security and protection: If you make a purchase online or in person, you are protected from fraud, loss and theft when using Visa. Verified by Visa also offers an extra layer of security when you deposit money into your online casino account.

Visa in Online Casinos

Accepted worldwide
Fast and secure transactions
No fees
Increased limits for high rollers

Visa is an accepted banking method in most online casinos worldwide.
A payment option that is familiar to many players.
Deposits are processed instantly and free of charge.
Entitlement to big bonuses at the best Visa online casinos.
Very secure for online payments and casino payments.
Increased limits: This depends on the casino you choose, but in most cases, Visa allows you to make significantly higher deposits than other payment methods. This means that it is excellent not only for conservative players, but also for high rollers.
Online Casino Bonus Eligibility: Occasionally, there are certain welcome bonuses that can only be activated when using certain payment methods.

Disadvantages of visas

Visa in Online Casinos

Speed of withdrawal
You will need to enter your card details

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing visas when it comes to online gambling. However, this wouldn’t be a complete verification of the payment method if we didn’t also point out the potential drawbacks. Granted, there aren’t many, but you should be clear about all the details before using any online payment method.

Although Visa is a widely accepted and instant deposit method, withdrawal times are not as fast as some other payment methods. After your withdrawal request has been processed, the transaction may still take between 3 – 5 business days before the funds reach your account.
In order to be able to deposit in online casinos with a credit card, you must enter the Visa card details in casinos. This means that the online casino has access to your bank details, while this would not be the case if you were to use an alternative payment method.

Best Visa Casino: Summary

Debit cards can be extremely useful when it comes to online casino deposits. But considering that some online casinos don’t allow withdrawals to debit cards, some of the alternatives suggested here can do you a big favor if you can’t use your debit card for your winnings.

Each payment method has advantages that may or may not work for you, which is why it’s important to explore all the options available. Some services have higher fees, others faster processing times or security measures… it’s up to you to decide who you trust.

All in all, Visa is one of the best solutions for the casual player out there. You lose some speed, but you get secure international transactions. Of course, you should still keep in mind that you should pay attention to the page where you deposit! Secure transactions do not protect your deposits after they reach the final destination. Therefore, check out our scam-free list of the best verified Visa casinos.


1️ ⃣ Are there any fees for payments at online casinos?

No, visa withdrawals are free by default. However, your bank may have its own fees or you may have to pay currency exchange fees if you use Visa online at a casino and play in a different currency. Usually, you don’t have to pay any additional fees when depositing at online casinos.

2️ ⃣ Are visa payments safe at online casinos?

Yes, Visa payments are one of the most secure payment options in online casinos thanks to SSL encryption. Visa is one of the most trusted and secure methods of online cash transfer. Even if there is a problem with a payment, you can always get your money back from your bank associated with your visa, of course, subject to your bank’s T+Cs. On our website you can find out which online casinos accept Cisa.

3️ ⃣ How much time does a deposit take?

It is obvious: if you want to win real money at an online casino, you should make a deposit. As a rule, a deposit at an online casino takes several minutes but it depends entirely on the online casino. Each online casino requires a different minimum deposit amount. Usually, this information is provided in the appropriate section of a selected gambling website.

4️ ⃣ How much time does it take to withdraw to the Visa account?

It takes several days to withdraw money from the casino to your Visa account. Don’t forget to check this information in the banking section of a website before placing your first bet.